Be a guest at the BASE Retreat in South India

If you love and respect nature, are sure on your feet, want to explore your inner fears, can set aside your synthetic cosmetics and other urban urges, and wish to be part of our efforts to join hands with nature, then you will most probably love it here.

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Madurai is the nearest city with an airport and a major rail network. It was the most important cultural centre of the Tamil people before the advent of colonialism. It has one of the most astounding temples in India. Close to Madurai is Gandhi Gramam, a centre created during the times of Mahatma Gandhi, which is still doing interesting and valuable work to support village development, natural surroundings and sustainability.

Kodaikanal, 3 hours away by car from Madurai, is a hill resort created during colonial times.  It is 2400m high, has beautiful water falls, a huge lake and a few stunning sights: But most of all memorable trails for walking through the south Indian jungles. It has an international school with a long history, along with hospitals, many hotels and a few posh restaurants.  It is a tourist resort, frequented by people from all over the country. It is also a strong favourite of back-packing tourists from western countries. In India Kodaikanal is one of the main centres of alternative living and has attracted a host of people from all over India as well as other countries. There are many projects and communities engaged in ecology, nature-awareness, education and social work.

Our campus is located on the road between Pallangi (20 minutes away from Kodaikanal) and Kombai, a dead-end. It takes 20 minutes to get to the campus on a very winding road, as we climb down to 1400 m – ideal climate with local temperatures hovering between 20 and 30 °C. The 15 acre site is adjacent to the Palani reserve forests. There are only a few neighbours spread around the area and it is quiet.

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