BASE – a centre for yoga, arts and nature

BASE was created with the vision of protecting the forest and the land.  It is very close to the Palani reserve forests and right next to the elephant jungle. Preserving nature, restoring its green cover and preventing the soil erosion, as well as regaining the waterways, are the ecological goals driving our efforts at BASE.  As representatives of Indian philosophy and the arts, our vision is guided by nature, creativity and yoga.

The visions of BASE:

  • reduce in every possible way, careless and thoughtless interference with nature – small creatures and big animals, weeds and trees, rocks and sands.
  • create and retain an atmosphere of cooperation that encourages faith and fearlessness.
  • nurture the appreciation of the arts – poetry, music, movement – as a medium to grow in yoga.

If there is one thing which you can definitely acclaim as godly, then it is nature. If there is one endeavour which really makes human beings special, then it is art. Maintaining this consciousness is Yoga.


The campus & accommodations

Simple but exquisite double-room accommodation in beautiful surroundings at the edge of the forest reserve. There are four spacious cottages, each with two large double-bed rooms and a large bathroom. Each cottage has a terrace with stunning views. There is a wood-crafted cottage which houses the kitchen and dining area.

The spacious hall is 60 sq. m. hall has beautiful hand-made mats for doing yogasanas, a blackboard, a small library and a rocket stove for the rainy, damp period between mid-October and mid-December.

In keeping with our ecological principles, we procure organic provisions for the cooking as well as the cleaning.  Our supplies are locally sourced and we avoid waste wherever possible. Wholesome, organic vegan and vegetarian food is offered.



Shala – the hall


Shala – the hall


The location

The campus is a haven for birds who provide a veritable avian orchestra every morning! At night times we need to beware of elephants from the jungle. Visitors include barking deer, wild boars, monkeys and very occasionally, leopards. The terrain is hilly and the paths consist of small trails which need to be negotiated gently and with caution. Thanks to the beautiful terrain, we sometimes witness spectacular sunsets at dusk.

The spring water is pure and can be drunk straight out of the tap, but we will boil it if guests so wish.  The air in the mild climate has its impact when we begin to practice pranayama, breathing exercises. It is the best form of passive healing.


The surrounding nature​

There are a wide variety of trees in the surrounding forest. We are continually supporting the growth of nature’s green cover and use traditional texts, architectural history, Ayurveda etc. as our guide when planting rare examples of the traditional, local forestation.

Beginning June until October, the fruit-bearing trees offer a wide-variety of fruits according to the season – mango, avocado, jack-fruit, orange, peach, fig, banana, star-fruit, passion-fruit, guava etc.


Events in BASE 2021


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